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DELHI PUBLIC SCHOOL EDUCATIONAL SOCIETY is dedicated to development for poor society, in the field of education, like College of education of education, college of Management Education, college of Pharmacy, college of Nursing, college of Engineering & Medical and I.T.I., Institutions also. DELHI PUBLIC SCHOOL EDUCATIONAL SOCIETY has a lot of plane from K.G to P.G Quality Education Programme in the field of type of Education.

Delhi Public School Educational Society ventured into the field of Education to undertake the great task of setting up an All English Medium Institutions in order to provide quality education to the students of Pupri, Sitamarahi (Bihar).

Pupri, Sitamarahi (Bihar), then, was a small progressive town and a business hub, but did not have any proper educational institutions to cater to the varied requirements of the natives.

Dr. Razi Haider Ujala voiced the feelings of many concerned parents of Pupri, Sitamarahi (Bihar) about the dearth of educational facilities and the urgent need of the people to bridge the demand and supply mismatch for an English Education Center.

Delhi Public School Educational Society has been striving to translate this dream into a lived reality for all children. Working towards the goal of social change through meaningful education, it conducts researches and evolves curricular models at the micro level and attempts to implement them in the mainstream system to bring about change in the school education system in India.

Hope for the Best.....!!!!!

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